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The Story of

Maple Terrace Farms

Maple Terrace is Eric, Emily, Hannah, Cameron, and Lillian. In 2013 we purchased a small farmstead; just a couple acres with an old farmhouse, small barn, and a workshop. Since then, we have been working to reclaim pasture, renovate our 1880's brick farmhouse, and raise 3 energetic kids. At this time we are raising pastured chickens and flowers for wholesale and retail customers. We are continually expanding, renovating, and improving the farm, and we are hoping to add new ways to serve our community in the future. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality, healthiest, and most environmentally friendly food possible. 

Our Chickens

All of our chickens are raised on pasture in a movable coop called a chicken tractor. Chicks spend 2-3 weeks (dependent on weather and season) in a small brooder house before being moved to the tractor. Once on pasture the tractor is moved every day. This ensures that the chickens are in a clean environment filled with fresh grass and bugs, and away from bare dirt and manure. Moving every day also limits the environmental impact in a given area while allowing the chickens to aerate and fertilize a large area of land. All of this leads to healthy birds, healthy land, and ultimately to better chicken for your dinner.


We believe that chicken raised on pasture is the best tasting and most nutritious chicken you can eat. That is why Maple Terrace is a proud member of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA). For more information about the benefits of eating pasture raised poultry, including nutritional research done by Penn State University as well as an APPPA project funded in part by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, please visit the Consumer section at

For more information on the many benefits of pasture raised poultry, please visit and watch the short video below.

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