Spring Sale!

Pasture-raised, local, delicious.

It's time for us to make room for more chicken this spring. Now is your chance to get chickens at the best price of the year! Frozen, shrink wrapped, and ready for your dinner! We have delicious pasture raised chickens available for you as either whole birds, or individually packaged halves. Call, email, or order below!

Welcome to Maple Terrace Farms! We are a family farm working to better our tiny patch of earth, and our community. 

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Maple Terrace Farms is run by the Bashore family and is located in Danville, PA. We are a small farm, currently farming about 16 acres, where we raise microgreens, pastured chickens, flowers, vegetables, and the occasional grass fed steer. Our goal is to provide high quality products while caring for our land in the most responsible and sustainable way possible. While we are not a certified organic farm, we use many organic and regenerative methods including low till, drip irrigation, pasture rotation, cover cropping, and integrated pest management.